30 images from the Terry Badlands

Here are 30 images from a recent overnight trip in the Terry Badlands in Eastern Montana. Just north of the Yellowstone River near the town of Terry lies 44,000 acres of public land designated as a Wilderness Study Area by the Bureau of Land Management. The badlands were formed from sedimentary rocks eroded by eons of wind and water into impressive arches, bridges, tabletops, and colorful banded mounds. It can be accessed via the Calypso Trail named for a now defunct railroad stop on the Milwaukee Railroad which was active over a hundred years ago.

This austere location receives relatively few visitors each year, promising solitude and many surprises in store for anyone looking for a change of scenery from the usual mountain getaways Montana is famous for. On my trip I wandered among spring wildflowers and meadowlarks along the Calypso Trail to the Natural Bridges and overnighted at the extremely photogenic Chimney Rock, where on a moonless night I was treated to a view of the Northern Lights.

Author’s Note: My apologies for no sound on the above video. Youtube wouldn’t let me play it with the Pink Floyd soundtrack. I opted for silence instead – better than hearing me sing!

* * *


3 thoughts on “30 images from the Terry Badlands”

    1. Thanks Jason! Definitely a place off the beaten path, but worth exploring if you ever get up that way. Lots of unexpected beauty in those hills!

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