Beautiful Changes

Why do the leaves change color in the Fall?

The scientific answer is that the colors we see were actually there all along. They were hidden during the spring and summer by chlorophyll, a chemical within the leaf that gives it its green color and helps the tree to produce energy. In autumn, colder temps and reduced sunlight make it harder for trees to produce chlorophyll, so the reds, browns, oranges, and yellows that were obscured become more apparent as trees drop their leaves to conserve energy for winter.

For those who feel a connectedness to the landscape, the changes of Fall might have philosophical connotations, too. With the fading of summer, the shortened days tell of winter’s chill just around the bend. Along with the change in season, it’s a time to turn inward, both physically and in thought. Searching for closure to the events of the past year; reflecting on life’s progress; preparing for the challenges that lie ahead. Individual colors shine, revealing uniqueness and beauty hidden within the self.

* * *


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