Autumn Memories

I was lucky to have the afternoon off from work last week, so I took a little stroll to check out the autumn foliage in Two Moon and Coulson, a pair of county parks located along the Yellowstone River.

Coulson is the location of the original Billings townsite before the advent of the Northern Pacific Railroad around the turn of the century.  It’s one of my favorite local places to go photographing on evenings when the low sun sets Sacrifice Cliff ablaze in warm shades of gold.

Two Moon Park occupies some of my fondest boyhood memories, having grown up with it practically in my back yard.  My friends and I knew a secret way into the park by crossing a small beaver dam, and we wasted many a day exploring, skipping rocks, and whatever else we could think of to stave off boredom. To this day I still love going back there in autumn to walk the trails and hear the dry leaves crunching beneath my feet, remembering…


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