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Rocky Mtn Front 20150605-07-114

I watched this bluebird making repeated trips in and out of a man-made birdhouse.  A closer look at the photo revealed food in her beak, and the chirping of her baby chicks could be heard from inside the nest.




Rocky Mtn Front 20150605-07-038Dramatic clouds form a sunset backdrop over the Rocky Mountain Front near Choteau, Montana.  Here, Montana’s vast grassland prairies meet the mountains in a dramatic geologic uplift along the Lewis Overthrust.  The Rocky Mountain Front is one of the most productive wildlife habitat areas in the Lower 48, providing exceptional habitat for grizzly bears, elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep, wolves, wolverines, lynx, and an incredible diversity of other species, both fauna and flora.


Sandhill Crane



This sandhill crane sighting was one of the highlights of a recent fun outing in Yellowstone National Park.

These graceful, long-legged cranes may stand over four feet in height, and can often be found sauntering through fields in search of food near shallow marshes.  Coloration is technically pale gray, but they often have a rust color from preening themselves with muddy bills.  A red head crest along with an unforgettable mating call makes them easily identifiable.