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Cumululus clouds emerged against a blue backdrop over the Pryor Mountains.  About an hour later, the developing storm sprouted a sinewy rope tornado that briefly touched down near Cowley, Wyoming.


Photo of the Week: April 2, 2012

Spring rains brought heavy flooding seen in this June 2011 photo taken near the Judith Gap windfarm project in central Montana.

Photo of the Week: Mar 19, 2012

Summer clouds wisp silently over the Beartooth sky as late afternoon shadows stretch across the granite face below Silver Run Plateau in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.

I captured this time lapse from my camp at the foot of Sundance Pass during a weekend solo expedition to the summit of 12,603-foot Castle Mountain last August.  As I struggled up the mountain that day, meanwhile a thousand miles away in Oregon, my father-in-law, Larry faced his own struggle against the inevitable with pancreatic cancer.  Larry’s spirit occupied my thoughts a lot that weekend, and months later we still find ourselves trying to comprehend the meaning of his loss.  As I return from Larry’s memorial service in Washington State this week, I dedicate this photo to his legacy.

Photo of the Week: Feb 20, 2012

Dawn punches through the clouds on the sprawling Hellroaring Plateau in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.  During my visit here last Saturday, I was surprised to find so little snowpack above 10,000 feet elevation.  What little snow there was had been windswept across the tundra, exposing ancient granite rocks and frozen alpine grasses on this February day.  I had spoken to an aquaintence earlier in the week about a future ski touring adventure across the plateau, but in these conditions that would have been impossible!

Stay tuned for more photos from this adventure later this week!

Photo of the Week: Feb 6, 2012

 Video by Eric Warren

This week’s photo is another time lapse.  Inspired by last week’s post, my good friend and fellow blogger, Eric Warren and I took advantage of the unseasonably warm February temps and got back up to the local crag for a refresher course on the rock.  Although an avid climber back in the day, this was Eric’s first time on actual rock in about sixteen years.  We spent the warm afternoon brushing up our skills on easy toprope climbs before enjoying another sweet sunset.  This route is rated 5.5 and appropriately named, “The Walkup.”