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Sandhill Crane



This sandhill crane sighting was one of the highlights of a recent fun outing in Yellowstone National Park.

These graceful, long-legged cranes may stand over four feet in height, and can often be found sauntering through fields in search of food near shallow marshes.  Coloration is technically pale gray, but they often have a rust color from preening themselves with muddy bills.  A red head crest along with an unforgettable mating call makes them easily identifiable.



Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Last weekend brought the first severe thunderstorm of the season to the Billings area.  Although no tornadoes were spotted, the rotating cell dropped 60-mph winds and golf ball hail that destroyed shingles, windows, and siding all over town.  We were returning from a weekend trip in Wyoming and avoided damage to our car by taking an alternate route, pretending to be storm chasers along a country back road south of the town of Laurel.  In the aftermath of the storm, we were treated to a remarkable double rainbow spanning the horizon.

Wildflower Explosion!

This selection comes from our weekend wanderings around the rimrock bluffs west of Billings, Montana.  The prairie wildflowers are exploding into color right now with each day bringing more varieties.  Caption ID’s were sourced from the excellent field guide, Wildflowers of Montana, by Donald Anthony Schiemann.

Weatherman Draw – May 4, Part Two

Further to Part One of this post, the prairie wildflowers are beginning to come into bloom.  Most of the species featured here could be found sprouting within a few square feet of each other.   After a challenging winter, it is always so inspiring to see these little signs of Spring and happier weather on the horizon.