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Bald Eagles

I spotted this pair of American bald eagles roosting over the banks of the Yellowstone River last January.   Bald eagles are becoming more of a common site in this area after having been nearly wiped out through sport hunting and the use of pesticides .  Thanks to reintroduction programs and the regulation of chemicals like DDT, the eagles’ numbers are rebounding throughout much of their natural range.


Rough-Legged Hawk

The rough-legged hawk is one of most common hawks in the northern hemisphere.  Almost the entire population leaves the Arctic breeding grounds in the Fall to spend the winter in Canada and the lower 48, spending time in open-country prairies and marshes similar to their summer homes in the Arctic tundra.

Although similar to the red-tailed hawk, rough-legs can be distinguished by longer wings with light-colored leading edge, and dark markings on the edge of its tail feathers.

This individual was photographed at the Yellowtail Wildlife Managment area near Big Horn Canyon.

Isham, Red-tailed Hawk

Meet Isham, a rescued red-tailed hawk whom I had a recent opportunity to photograph at the popular Raptor Experience presentation at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West museum in Cody, Wyoming.

Isham, named after one of Buffalo Bill’s favorite horses, was struck by a car and suffered an injury that resulted in the loss of his right eye.  Since he is not able to survive in the wild, he was trained as an educational bird and has been teaching the public about birds of prey for about five years.

Red-tailed hawks are the most common hawk species in North America, and they can often be spotted roosting on bare branches or telephone poles along country roads.

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