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Bald Eagles

I spotted this pair of American bald eagles roosting over the banks of the Yellowstone River last January.   Bald eagles are becoming more of a common site in this area after having been nearly wiped out through sport hunting and the use of pesticides .  Thanks to reintroduction programs and the regulation of chemicals like DDT, the eagles’ numbers are rebounding throughout much of their natural range.


Teasdale, Great Horned Owl

Meet Teasdale, one of the rescued birds of prey you can visit at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West Raptor Experience.

‘Teasdale’ was found by a man hiking near Teasdale, Utah.  He had a broken wing that later healed in a maligned position, making it impossible for him to fly any significant distance.  Since he will never be able to return to the wild, Teasdale has been adopted to serve as an education bird teaching the public about birds of prey.

Great horned owls are the most common owl in North America, and get their name from the obvious feather tufts atop their heads.  Even though these tufts resemble ears, they actually have nothing to do with hearing.  In fact, they are thought to aid in camouflage by creating a profile that can better blend in with a background feature such as a tree trunk.  Great horned owls are voracious predators whose prey can include a large variety of creatures such as skunks, rabbits, squirrels, other birds, and even domestic cats and dogs.

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Minus Ten

This collection comes from Yellowstone National Park two weeks ago on a day when the mercury dipped to an uncomfortable negative ten degrees.  Extreme temps are the norm here.  Winter occupies almost three-quarters of the year, and snow commonly remains in the mountains until June and returns as early as September.

The park’s thermal features can make for interesting scenes on cold days like this.  Featured here are the spectacular Mammoth terrace formations, Gardner Canyon, The Boiling River, and some very chilly bison.