Bald Eagles

I spotted this pair of American bald eagles roosting over the banks of the Yellowstone River last January.   Bald eagles are becoming more of a common site in this area after having been nearly wiped out through sport hunting and the use of pesticides .  Thanks to reintroduction programs and the regulation of chemicals like DDT, the eagles’ numbers are rebounding throughout much of their natural range.


Pine Creek Lake

Pine Creek Lake is an alpine jewel nestled in a glacial cirque accessed about fifteen miles south of Livingston, Montana in the Absaroka Mountains .

The moderately difficult hike goes past beautiful Pine Creek Falls at the first mile.  This is far enough for most casual hikers since the trail then steepens to gain over 3,000 feet elevation in the last four miles. Of course, the wildflowers, cascading stream, and open scenery is so amazing, one might just forget about the difficulty of the hike.

The lake is a popular youth-camp destination, but overnighting on a weekday meant we basically had the lake’s one good camp spot and all of the its surrounding beauty to ourselves.  The most obvious photo op is at the outlet falls just below the lake, where I made a few successful compositions at sundown and early the next morning.

Glacier Sampler

This series comes from a recent trip to Glacier National Park.  My first introduction came several decades ago as a pre-teen, and I barely remember it.  Even though the park is located in my home state of Montana, I’ve resisted returning there for numerous reasons – crowded trails, backpacking red tape, and ample recreation opportunities closer to home to name a few.  But this trip definitely made me realize a few things I’ve been missing out on.

Glacier Park is all about spectacular scenery of glacially carved lakes, incredible views of jagged peaks along the Continental Divide, and colorful wildflower displays along refreshing streams winding through lush lower elevation forests.

On this introductory trip our itinerary mostly kept us close the Going-to-the-Sun road, enough to pique our interest in the great hiking and photography opportunities that exist.  Looks like a return adventure for a more intimate experience into Glacier’s backcountry is definitely in order later in the summer.  Stay tuned for an update!

*  *  *